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" Babies take us on a special journey. They bring us to a place we never knew existed, but was always there inside, just waiting for a child to open the door. This is the place where loving begins."

This quintessential, classic baby book has been republished with the same endearing message of the love a new baby brings...and with more happy, whimsical illustrations. Babies Take Us On A Special Journey has been requested by many throughout the years and it finally has been reprinted. Guaranteed to touch hearts, Babies Take Us On A Special Journey celebrates and shares the greatest gift we can ever have: A Baby's Love. This heart-warming book is a wonderful gift for every family with a new baby, for baby showers, adoptive parents, and new grandmas!

Babies Take Us On A Special Journey is a thoughtful gift book for expectant mothers, offering support and inspiration as they look forward to the birth of their child. As a new mom or dad, you will be encouraged to ask for help if you are tired, and will understand that your happiness is as important to baby as baby's happiness is to you.

With watercolor images of butterflies, bluebirds, and bright flowers, this book will take parents and baby's brother and sister into the land of baby's love. This "new baby" book is a short five minute read, a "pick me up" in the middle of an exhausting day, a surge of joy, a smile. Babies Take Us On A Special Journey is a gift book readers will reflect upon and return to again and again.

What People are saying:

"I bet I gave over 100 of this baby book in the 80's and 90's. Excited to see the new edition. The message is so sweet."
-Debbie Liipfert

"I wanted to share with you how much your book meant to me as it was a gift from my mom when I was pregnant with my first child. Twenty/plus years later, I am desperately looking for a nice copy to give my niece who is pregnant with her first baby. Thought I would reach out to you just to tell you how much I've always loved the book, but also to ask if you might have advice on how or where I may be able to get nice editions." -Lorraine Frasco

From an Amazon reader: "This book is the perfect gift for every new mother! It helps new moms realize what their own mothers went through with them, and helps build an appreciation and bond with their own mothers. It is touching, loving and beautifully written and illustrated. A very tender and special keepsake! Great for someone you love dearly."

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Susan Squellati Florence is an internationally known artist and author whose giftbooks have been selling since 1988 and have been translated into many languages.
Babies Take Us On A Special Journey, a book of the true love a baby brings, is one of a series of Friendship Books first published by C.R. Gibson and translated into Spanish and Portuguese by V and R Editoras in Buenos Aires. The Friendship books sold over 1.5 million units from 1988 - 1996 in the U.S. and still sell in Mexico and South America. Babies Take Us On A Special Journey is the first of these books to be re-published in print as well as digital format. Whether you read it on your computer or hold it in your hands - enjoy the love and smiles this book brings.